The Friary PTFA continued to go the extra mile for the school as they took on the Lichfield Round Table Santa Run slot on World Cup Final night with Shining Stars UK – a local charity who provide a safe environment for adults with disabilities to go to nightclubs, the theatre, etc.

It was a very different collection this year, taking place in Stonnall – as opposed to the Grange Lane run we have been lucky enough to be allocated in recent years – but the people of the village were very generous and welcoming.

The overall collection is collated over the Xmas period and our PTFA will get their share of the pool in the New Year.

The funds only add to the PTFA Xmas Raffle which raised over £1,000.

Lindsay Hulme, Chair of the PTFA, said: “Thank you to you all for another great term – we’ve gained some new members over the last few weeks – a special thanks to them for their already invaluable input and help, and it’s been lovely to see familiar faces too, massive thanks to them for their ongoing support and continued enthusiasm.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “On a personal level, due to a holiday booking, our late slot was the first I have missed so I am doubly in debt to the fantastic parents and friends who stepped up to support our school. We are blessed with some wonderful supporters and every child benefits from their work.”