Our Health & Social Care Department is hugely popular with students and gets fantastic results – one of the main reasons for this is that they come up with imaginary ways to bring lessons to life.

As Year 13s head towards their final exam, a novel approach to revision saw the production of a revision-shirt where key notes, keywords, exam frames, etc, were laid out as a bodily reminder of what to have ready for the formal exams on the horizon.

It is not just the putting it together that helps with the revision, but also the wearing of it, so that each student can see the other’s revision notes and potentially spot gaps or new ways of remembering key information.

Kim Fallows, Head of Health & Social Care, said: “Whether it be volunteering in local care homes or running tea / game parties for the elderly in school, we always look for new ways to focus minds and raise achievement. The Year 13s loved this method of revision – we just need to think of a different one for Year 11 now !”