Students from Henry Chadwick First School in Hill Ridware joined us today for a morning of festive fun in Design and Technology.

Year 5 and Year 6 students came and developed their design and making skills with our Head of Technology, Miss Cartwright. During the morning students learned how to use Computer Aided Design software to create personalised Christmas decorations which were then cut out in acrylic using our laser cutter. During this activity pupils were introduced to how many products are designed and made today and showing how important it is to have ICT skills for a career in the design industry.

After, they all managed to get to work in the school workshop and learned how to cut out intricate shapes in plywood using a coping saw. Workshop safety and finishing skills were also covered and students were able to produce a Christmas decoration by hand.

Alison Cartwright, Head of Technology, said: “We’ve had a great time this morning getting to work in the school workshops and showing Y5 and Y6 some new skills. It’s so important to inspire students at young age so that we can develop the design talent of the future. All of the students from Henry Chadwick have been super today and have been a real credit to their school. We can’t wait to see them again soon.”