The Year 11 debate saw students debate: ‘The British monarchy is obsolete and should be abolished.’

This topic linked to our whole school focus week on UK Parliament Week.

During the week students have been learning about the UK parliament system, and welcoming local councillors into school for discussion and questions.

The Year 11 debates were judged by our School Librarian Helena Cresswell and Greywood Trustee, Nick Moseley.

There were some interesting arguments put forward, some of which focused on the revenue brought in through tourism, but also on scandals surrounding some members of the Royal family.

Garrick House won the debate with their team of Felix Emanuel, Olivia Hann, Cameron Thain and Jacob Fox Bailey.

Nick Moseley chose Abigail Eagland and Jacob Fox Bailey as the ‘Most Valuable Debaters.’

Helena Cresswell, School Librarian, said: “Well done to all the students who took part in the debates. Mr Moseley and I were hugely impressed with the amount of independent research that had been undertaken and by the students’ debating skills.”

The current standings in house Debating Competition sees Garrick House in the lead with 59 points overall. Darwin and Johnson are close behind with Seward in fourth place.