We were delighted to welcome Year 5 and Year 6 students from Henry Chadwick Primary School in Hill Ridware. As a partner school within the Greywood MST it was great for us to be able to offer an exciting morning of Science to enthuse and engage young minds.

During the session our Head of Science, Mr. Brown, took students on a journey to Mars to build a Mars Rover for future missions. Students used their imaginations to design and make their rover before presenting their design to each other. There were some fantastic presentations and some great ideas with good justifications for design decisions. In addition to this, students also designed and created a rocket to help them land their rover on the Martian surface. This culminated in rockets being launched across the length of the classroom, “to reach Mars”. A hugely exciting experiment for all.

Dave Brown, Head of Science, said: “It has been fantastic to have Y5 and Y6 from Henry Chadwick with us today. We’ve had great fun deigning and making our rovers and rockets whilst also showing how important STEM subjects are to the future development of our society. I’m sure that today I have met some scientists and engineers of the future today and I can’t wait to meet them all again in Year 7.”