Our Enterprise Club has been running this term and the teams are ready to sell their products to see if they can make a profit which they can then build up further,

The teams have been given a £10 repayable investment by the school and they are all running their campaigns based around ‘sweet treats’ – with products ranging from cupcakes to cookies / brownies and hot chocolate bombs to sweets.

These products will be advertised to the wider student body and will be on sale on Tuesday 13 December to Wednesday 14 December.

Faizah Shabir, Business teacher and club co-ordinator, said: “We’re really excited to see how the teams get on as they take the idea from conception to retail and there is a fierce competitive edge to the whole competition – think ‘The Apprentice’ but x 10. We’ll make sure the winning team get all the plaudits and then we’ll see where these young entrepreneurs go next.”