We are blessed at our school to have a committed staff body but we wanted to flag up the benefits we get from those amongst our staff who take up places on the Governing Bodies at other local schools.

We have had staff go out as governors to visit schools to look at a range of diverse educational aspects ranging from Disciplinary Literacy to Safeguarding and, as well as developing our individual staff, it also brings fresh ideas and perspectives back into our school so that we can get better still.

This approach is only one part of how we work to develop our staff; with many doing leadership courses, working with local, regional and national partners, or becoming examiners.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We are getting a range of schools and educationalists come into our school, whether it be from schools, the Department for Education, or overseas, to check out how we are addressing things too. This means we can share the best practice we have but again get those insights that make us pause, reflect, refine and move forward ourselves.