Friary students held their own hockey tournament, and what an evening they had! Despite the disappointment of the opposition cancelling last minute, the Friary teams turned up, battled against each other and just kept scoring goals, goals, goals.

As you can see from the picture, the turnout was superb and just shows how popular hockey is across all Year groups. It was so nice to see different age categories working as part of a team.

The teams competed in a friendly tournament with a total of 21 goals being scored during the evening.

Top goal scorer went to Kian Edwards (Y8), scoring a total of 5 goals, closely followed by Gareth Hunt and Jack O’Neil (both Y10) chasing his lead.

The girls’ ‘Player of the Tournament’ was awarded to Pen Galway (Y8) for her sheer determination in defence and some spectacular blocks.  Meanwhile, the boys’ ‘Player of the Tournament’ was awarded to Anand Sihota (Y7) for the most assists on goal and exceptional hockey skills despite battling against students three years older.

Kim Fallows, team coach, said: “It was an absolute pleasure taking 32 students to the local hockey club, and despite the news of no opposition, seeing them get stuck in and compete against each other was great to watch. It was especially fantastic to see so many newcomers and the younger years stepping up to the pressure. Once again, the PE Department would like to thank all parents that came to watch and cheer on the players. The next tournament will be after half term where we see Years 7-8 take on their next challenge.”