After the completion of the Sixth Form rounds, we are working our way down the Year groups before the last debate of the school year, featuring Year 7, determines the overall winner of the House Debating Competition.

Our Year 13 students debated in our Focus Week of ‘World Teacher’s Day’ and took on the debate of: “British society values the contribution of teachers…”.

Meanwhile, our Y12 team, debating during our Focus Week on ‘Black History Month’ built arguments around the debate of: “The British justice system is inherently racist…”.

The scores after the first two rounds are:

  1. Seward House – 137 points
  2. Johnson House – 131 points
  3. Darwin House – 130 points
  4. Garrick House – 119 points

Next up is Year 11 who will be debating “The British monarchy is obsolete and should be abolished…” during UK Parliament Week in mid-November.

Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The quality of the debates is always very high and is a great opportunity for school governors and Greywood Trustees to come into school to see the cut-and-thrust of an argument amongst our students. There are fewer than 20 points splitting the four teams so there is still everything to play for.”