Our Year 7 students visited Lichfield Cathedral to commemorate their transition from primary to secondary schools in the school’s annual Dedication Service.

In a full cathedral, packed with students, staff and family members, the service covered a range of aspects to celebrate and commemorate this important stage of personal growth.

Year 7 students Olivia Robertson and Joseph Turley impressed everyone with their readings which outlined their first experiences and impressions of life at The Friary School. They were then followed by our Head Boy and Head Girl, Will Moseley and Grace Williams, looking back over the last 7 years at the school as they march ever closer to universities and professional careers. Indeed, Will’s parents were there to see him complete the loop as he had made the Year 7 address back in 2016 when he joined in Year 7.

The Headteacher’s address touched on the importance of family and school support in bridging this transitionary gap, whilst the hymns and prayers were led by Canon Andrew Stead, a long-term friend of the school.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We were thrilled to see so many parents and family members in attendance as we very much view the education we offer as a three-way partnership between the student, the parents and the school. The students were superb throughout and the formality of the event made them stop and think. This is a big step, this is a big deal, and there is a responsibility on us all to make it work.”