As a school we well know the importance of extra-curricular activities in giving our students new experiences, new friendships and new skills and so we run a busy programme.

The full programme can be seen here and this page on our website is updated every term.

Of course, there are also sessions added in so particular Year groups will be undertaking various levels of our Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and sporting fixtures are determined by regional bodies so they come up depending on progress in competitions.

Elsewhere, Year 10s upward will have increasing exam booster courses after-school, as weekends, and in school holidays, but also lower Years will have taster boosters to get them in the spirit and to focus on targeted groups and abilities which we feel need address.

Richard Barnett-Richards, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We would encourage all students to get involved in these activities as there really is something or everyone. Already the school is being sucked into the darkness of Grimms Tales for the school shows – where every child who wants a part gets a part – and these activities are one of the things that makes our school more special.”