The PTFA team met up last week to plot the year ahead and to raise the crucial funds to support every child in the school. Last year saw the team donate approaching £20,000 to the school which played a major part in refurbishing the school theatre which was looking more than a little tired.

There were 25 attendees and 6 apologies and as well as some welcome familiar faces there were some new additions who we were delighted to see.
The meeting plotted out events for the year including Oktoberfest, the Show Nights, the Quiz Night, the Comedy Night, the Summer Sizzler, the Xmas Raffle, the School Lottery, and more besides.

Elsewhere, the team was working out who to support important school events like Open Evening, Battle of the Bands, Encore and the Xmas Carol Concert.

Lottie Hearn, Deputy Headteacher, said: “We cannot emphasise enough how much we need the support of the PTFA and the huge difference they make in the school – not just in terms of raising money, but more importantly their upbeat, positive and supportive approach which makes our school a happier place. We were delighted to see new faces at the first meeting, but would be thrilled to see more so get in touch via to get involved. We all want to see our children do well at school and contributing here makes a huge difference to families across our district.”