The Friary School‘s Year 11 students have performed superbly in their final exams which were the first full set since Summer 2019.

There was plenty to celebrate in the academic arena with all GCSE courses scoring highly, with particular strengths  in Maths and Science.

Elsewhere, the vocational courses were superb with Sport, Hospitality & Catering and Health & Social Care leading the way.

Other highlights including record E-Bacc successes as our curriculum changes with this cohort reaped rewards, an excellent progression rate into our Sixth Form, and the overwhelming majority of our students have secured their first-choice placements for the next stage of their studies.

There were a string of students who achieved top grades:

Isobel Ainsworth – 9 x 9s, 1 x Dist*            Thomas Purkis – 8 x 9s, 1 x 8, 1 x 6
Eleanor Easton – 9 x 9s, 1 x Dist*               Thomas Elmore – 6 x 9s, 2 x 8s, 2 x Dist*s
Amelie Menaut – 8 x 9s, 1 x 8, 1 x Dist*     Jacob Housley – 6 x 9s, 2 x 8s, 2 x Dist*s
Chloe Allen – 7 x 9s, 2 x 8s, 1 x Dist*          Grace Arrowsmith – 6 x 9s, 3 x 8s, 1 x Dist
Alica Piskova – 7 x 9s, 2 x 8s, 1 x Dist*        Elysia Armstrong – 6 x 9s, 4 x 8s
Ffion Wynne – 7 x 9s, 2 x 8s, 1 x Dist*         Freya Short – 5 x 9s, 2 x 8s, 1 x Dist*, 1 x 7

Equally, there were plenty of students who made stunning progress from their starting points when they entered our school in Year 7:

Aisha Ratnasabapathy        Oliver Atkin  
Mollie-Rae Harris-Howell   Joshua Barber
Philippa Meredith               Louis Cope
Abbie Mackman                 Albert Malone
Freya Mackman                  Jaime Luciano
Emily Shelley                       Harry Mallender

Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The last two years have been hectic with COVID lockdowns, course content changes, tweaked exam schedule and formats, so it was a huge relief to simply see the students sitting their exams in the summer. However, to now seen how superbly they performed is a huge thrill and the trials and tribulations that have faced this cohort have now given way to smiles and celebration.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “These excellent results are a testimony to the team-work that has gone on between students, staff and parents as we have pulled together to over-turn the disruption that blighted these children in the first year of their courses. The late pick-ups from after-school revision boosters, the endless Saturday School hours to blast through content and skills, and the honed teaching to cover the key elements of the courses have all come together. It goes without saying that every success has been incredibly well-deserved.”