The Friary School is delighted to see our Sixth Form students shine on Results Day 2022 after the resumption of formal exams this summer.

There were multiple success stories including the overwhelming majority of students getting their first-choice university, others gaining fantastic apprenticeship placements, and the average grade of a B holding our school up amongst the very best in the region.

Elsewhere, the Department for Education will not be measuring students on progress this year, as this cohort did not sit formal exams in Year 11 so there is not the possibility to gauge progression in the usual way, but all indications are that our students performed superbly well.


The top-grade performers included:

Erin Staite – A*, A*, A*, A                                              Dylan Wenman – A*, A, A, A

Charlotte Neal – A*, A*, A*, A                                     Ben Wykes – A*, A*, A, B

Maya Thomson – A*, A*, A, A                                      Dylan Wynne – A, A, A

Emily Thompson – A*, A*, A, A                                    Diana-Silvana Signer – A, A, A

Emma Burns – A*, A*, A, A                                            Kerris Shepherd – A, A, Dist*

Megan Sweeney – A*, A, A                                           Conor Preston – A*, A, A, B                          

Millie Briggs – A*, A, A                                                    Harry O’Donnell – A, A, A, A


Elsewhere, those students who obtained superb results in making the most progress over the last two years were:

Connie Wadlow                                                                Josef Holmes

Grace McCue                                                                     Thomas Darlaston

Edward Patstone                                                             Abbie Gallagher

Joely Slater                                                                         Molly Jones

Maisie Shaw                                                                       Katie Thompson

Selma Gay                                                                           Harry Davey

Tilly Farmer                                                                        Jacob Foster


Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We’ve had a busy day sharing results, checking university and employment applications, confirming gap year placements, and more besides, but now we have had a chance to pause and take stock we can only express how delighted we are with how our students have performed. They have had a tough time with all the COVID restrictions but the strength, resilience and determination they have shown has now reaped the rewards.”


Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We were hugely disappointed when this cohort missed their chance to sit the formal GCSE exams, but are thrilled to see that our instinct that they were an excellent cohort was right now they have sat the real things in our Sixth Form. When you have watched students grow over the last 7 years you get hugely attached and today every turn revealed a smiling face, a success story, and a hundred-and-one shared experiences. It is days like these that make this job a very special one.”