Our Year 13 were invited back into the school for a final farewell assembly followed by a meal at McKenzies in Lichfield in the evening.

The assembly was a wonderful celebration of students achievements and growth across the two years of Sixth Form, reflecting on all the trial and tribulation students have faced alongside some fun and reflections on their time in Sixth Form.

Seb Nash, Y13 leaver, said: “The Leavers Assembly showed how heartfelt the Sixth Form team and school can be. The mix of memories and awards allowed the year group to enjoy a comedic and yet nostalgic journey through school one last time. The assembly was a great way to end the school year. Equally, the presence of teachers who gave up their time to come to the evening meal brought the event together and reinforced how caring the staff are in the school.”

Richard Barnett-Richards Assistant Headteacher, added: “The celebration event is a highlight of the Sixth Form calendar. It is a chance to celebrate the vast diversity of students we work with and reflect on the journey they have each been through whilst giving students some encouragement for the road ahead. We look forward to celebrating with students further on Results Day in on Thursday 18 August.”