The good news is that reports suggest we’ll have a run of good weather over the last week and a half of the school year and lots of us will enjoy it over the weekends too.

Even so, we want to remind parents to prepare their child for the sun coming out.

Using Sunscreen

We have our Rewards Days coming up – one on inflatables and one on dodgems before the end of term – and all parents will know if their child has earned the experience.

Children will only be outside for a couple of hours but parents may wish to give them some sunscreen to put on. Equally, those taking part in the Rewards Days can wear a sunhat / cap if they wish for that part of the day.

Parents may want to think how far they want to go with this in terms of the 50mins outside in PE lessons and the two half hour breaks.

Drinking Water

We provide free water before school, during both breaks and after-school. During the hit weather we will ensure there are also water jugs available to make it easier to access. We can also rely on parents to send their children in with a full water bottle too.

We do not allow students to get water during lessons. This is because it is impossible to teach a class if children are going in and out of the room all the time.

Any parent who has been on a long car journey with their children will know you cannot stop every moment one person wants a drink. This is why we tell our help our children to see they need to take responsibility and plan ahead. School is no different.

The children have well-spaced breaks and if they get themselves sorted then they’ll all will be well. It would be unfair to disrupt the lessons of those who do plan ahead simply because others do not. Likewise, if a teacher can teach for two hours without going to get a drink of water, then a child should be able to learn for the same amount of time easier still.

Other Measures

Naturally windows will be open to let air in – it will make a nice change from having them open in the winter for COVID ventilation.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “The temperatures are being promised to max out at 30 degrees on Monday and then steadily decline to the lower-mid 20s by the end of term. We’ll all have to be ‘sun aware’ but with school and parents teaching children about their responsibilities in hot weather we should all get through intact.”

If you want to find out more about how you can protect your child during the heatwave then click here.