Our Year 10 Health & Social students invited residents from The Spires Care Home, to visit our school to help develop their understanding of the care sector.

Students were required to speak to and interact with the residents for evidence for their final piece of course work. The students had to put the visitors at ease, show a polite and friendly demeanour, and apply the expertise they have picked up in their course.

The afternoon consisted of lunch provided for the residents and playing old boardgames including Uno, Snakes & Ladders and Hungry Hippos.

Trudy Simkiss, event organiser and course teacher, said: “The residents spoke highly of our students after the event, saying how wonderful they were and what a great afternoon they had experienced. The Spires Care Home is a great supporter of the school and the visit helps develop our students’ skills and informs their case studies for their assessments.”

This experience was challenging for some of our pupils as it was out of their comfort zone, but all joined in and spoke about how much they enjoyed the experience and speaking to the elderly residents. We are proud to have so many kind and compassionate pupils who spoke openly to the residents and showed them respect, understanding and empathy. A massive well done and we hope the second visit in 2 weeks’ time is just as successful.