Our Sports Day is not like many primary school ones so parents are not invited but as so few students have actually experienced a Sports Day, we decided to tell you exactly what happens.

Our Sports Day is due to take place on Thursday 7 July – we have a reserve date for bad weather but hopefully that won’t be needed.

The Sports Day comes in two parts – one part being whole-school and one being just those competing.

In the morning only the athletes will take part in events which will include shot putt, javelin, discus, long jump, 800m and tug-of-war heats.

In the afternoon everyone goes out to watch the events or take part and it includes 100m, 200m, relays, tug-of-war finals, and the staff tug-of-war.

All students taking part are allowed to wear their PE kit for the day.

Students sit in House zones, with banners and flags, and the results are all relayed over a tannoy system before the final standings are announced.

Students will be expected to go to the toilet at lunch-time – and last until the end of school as if one a car journey, etc. Those that have medical passes will be escorted to-and-from the toilets.

The day will finish at the normal times and the dismissal will see Garrick and Seward House released first, follows by Darwin and Johnson House

Sam Foster, Head of Performance & Technologies, said: “We are hugely excited to have Sports Day back on the calendar and we know we have some amazing athletes who will thrive in taking part. It looks like it will be a close-run competition and we’ll have to see who comes out on top.”