Our school has a partnership with the University of Wuppertal, in Germany and each year we have three trainee teacher placements in our schools as part of their programme.

These trainees play a hugely active role in our school – supporting and leading lessons, throwing themselves into extra-curricular activities, and making the most of visiting our country. However, they also go out and about to local primary schools to deliver a German-themed day of language, culture, geography and more besides.

Alex White, Greywood Primary School Improvement Officer, said: “The Henry Chadwick students thoroughly enjoyed their day and the school are now planning to learn even more about Germany having had their appetite whetted. We are a Trust that values out children experiencing different cultures, ideas and identities and this project is simply a part of that commitment.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We have been delighted to resume our partnership with the University of Wuppertal after the relaxing of the COVID restrictions. We are not quite sure what they have in the water in Wuppertal as every trainee we have is absolutely fantastic. They add a great deal to the school, the students, and the staff and a fun and busy Summer Term is only improved by having them with us.”