We make a conscious effort to flag up Dementia Awareness Week as many staff and children are affected by this issue in their families – and if they aren’t at the moment, then they sadly will likely be in years to come.

7J1, led by their tutor Sophie Butler, worked through a series of three sessions that educated the students on what the illness is, case studies of those suffering and caring for those suffering and participated in some activities that would help them to support any diagnosed person in their community.

One of 7J1’s favourite activities was role playing scenarios of a person with dementia and collectively solving how we could help to support them. Our final task was to write letters to the residents at Spires Care Home to show love and support for members of our community.

7J1 have now received the titles of ‘Dementia Friends’ and have all been awarded with a pin badge for them to proudly wear. I am extremely proud of the effort and resilience that they have shown whilst learning about this illness and will also wear my badge with pride.

Sophie Butler, form tutor, said: “Having watched my Nan deteriorate over the years after being diagnosed with Dementia, the Alzheimer’s Society is a charity extremely close to my heart. My lovely Nanna sadly lost her light at the great age of 96 early last year and ever since I have made it my mission to raise awareness for this mental illness, as well as raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society who do wonderful things to support those diagnosed, as well as their carers and family. It was wonderful to extend this support so that it was embraced by my tutor group – they handled this emotional subject fantastically well and have been hugely impressive.”