Our Year 11s and Year 13s had their different last days in school as the exams roll into full swing and it was a time of mixed emotions with a happiness to have an exciting life ahead but a sadness that an important period in time was drawing to a close.

The Year 11s still have their Leavers’ Assembly and Prom to go, but after a busy day of GCSE English Language and then Double GCE Science Booster, they then had a pizza session in the canteen where photos, shirt-signings and more took hold.

Similarly, the Year 13s have a Leavers Event and Celebration Meal to come after the exams, but they closed with an impromptu fancy dress.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We have not had proper last days – amidst exams and all – for a while and for many of us it was either a new or re-fresh experience. Certainly, the students we are seeing depart have been fantastic and we shall miss them. They have overcome huge challenges and have grafted to catch up so they deserve all the plaudits. Even so, we are looking forward to the formal end-of-year celebrations and to seeing them pick up great exams results come Results Day.”