This week over two days our Year 10 students have taken part in Employability Workshops leading into Mock Interviews as part of our Raising Aspirations Programme.

The sessions included information from a professional group of volunteers who visited the school to talk about employability skills, creating a positive first impression and interview skills. The interactive sessions were designed to give students a valuable experience, to get a sense of what is expected at an interview and to ensure students are better prepared and ready to go when it comes to university, apprenticeships, college or job interviews.

Once again we are thrilled to receive great feedback from the students and volunteers about these sessions:

“The sessions have improved my confidence and have prepared me for job interviews with good helpful advice and feedback”

“The workshops have been a clear example of how to present myself in an interview and will help me in the future.”

“I found the verbal feedback very useful, it helped me to understand what I was good at and what I can work towards improving for interviews”

Faye Banks, Careers and Aspirations Co-ordinator, said: “Year 10 students are better prepared and have a more confident approach towards future interviews. The employability workshops and mock interviews have given students valuable knowledge and understanding of the process and will prove of great use in the future to them. We are grateful to the professional volunteers who have supported the programme.”