As part of celebrating our students place in the world around them as we celebrated Europe Day (7 May) across the school with push on multi-culturalism, the benefits of learning a foreign language and the push on the opportunities in integrating across Europe (if not necessarily in the EU).

The week saw a long list of activities including:

  • Will Clough from Burton Albion talking to Year 9s about the benefits of learning a foreign language.
  • Face painting and selfies.
  • A Year 8 debate in the House Debating Competition on whether Brexit has been a success.
  • French breakfast rewards events.
  • Special tutor time activities and assemblies.

Sophie Grigg, Head of Languages, said: “We work hard to make languages fun and an aspirational subject for children to take moving forward. The recent pandemic has curtailed our usual trips but we are moving towards them re-starting abroad and the energy and enthusiasm shown by the students this week shows there is still a positive feeling about being able to communicate overseas.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “Our GCSE French course is integral to many of our students getting the E-Bacc suite of subjects so celebrated by the Department for Education so anything that adds momentum to that is well worth pursuing. Even so, it is more important to use that our students understand their place in the world and the fantastic opportunities that come to those who are bi- or multi-lingual.”