It was competition week again at the Friary in support of Dementia Awareness. The Health & Social Care department asked students of all ages to draw something that made them smile and we had some amazing entries. These entries will be taken to The Spires Care Home.

The purpose behind the drawings was to support those who have dementia and brighten up their day with something that makes our students happy. As part of the school’s focus week, students learnt that individuals with dementia suffer memory loss and little things like pets they used to have or a nice garden full of flowers is something that becomes a distant memory.

1st place was awarded to Pen Galway with 2nd and 3rd place given to Grace Willetts and Megan Alcock.

Kim Fallows, Subject Leader, said: “Thank you to all those students who participated for their creative designs and choosing a top 10 was extremely difficult. The residents at The Spires Care Home in Lichfield are going to love your drawings.’