As part of our Raising Aspirations Programme, today we welcomed HSBC UK into school who delivered educational workshops.

During the workshops Year 7 students covered several topics which gave them information on; sustainable choices, savvy shopping and the world of gaming. Students looked at how to be a critical consumer, making adjustments to everyday living and choices, how and where to spend money in order to make cost and eco savings and how to be safe whilst gaming online.

Also, students explored how to stay on top of spending with focuses on value for money, budgeting, fraud and identity theft.

The partnership with HSBC is part of the schools’ wider commitment to providing as broad a curriculum as we can in order to prepare students for adult life.

Faye Banks, Careers & Aspiration Mentor, said: “Students have developed their knowledge and a valuable understanding of the financial world,  the impact they can have by being more sustainable with their choices and how to be safe online. Year 7 found the information interesting and were very engaging with the speakers.”