Our House Debating Competition runs throughout the academic year and the latest results are now in as we head into the final stages.

The most recent round was linked onto our Focus Week on National Careers Week and saw Year 9 address the topic of: “Inequality in the workplace is a thing of the past…”.

When the Year 9 scores are added onto the other rounds the current standing see:

  1. Seward – 292 points
  2. Darwin – 272 points
  3. Garrick – 233 points
  4. Johnson – 208 points

We have two rounds left which see:

Year 8 – Focus Week on Europe Day – “Brexit has been a total success…”
Year 7 – Focus Week – Windrush Day – “Racism is not a problem in modern Britain…”

Ian Rose, Deputy Headteacher, said: “These debates are valuable in helping students reflect and explore views and arguments which are backed up with valid facts and evidence. This is an important life skill and all students tap into the debate topic through the wider Focus Week tasks. Also, each debate is staged in front of School Governors or MST Trustees so there is an audience to impress. Every House is still in with a shot at winning the trophy so there is everything still to play for”