Congratulations to the Year 9 students who have taken part in our debating competition on the topic, ‘Inequality in the workplace is a thing of the past.’ This brought out some real passion in our students and a special mention must go to Stanley Peckham for his impressive debating skills. 

The school debates are always judged by external visitors as well as School Librarian Helena Cresswell. The external judges, Nina Worrall (Trustee from Greywood MST) and Greg Sugden (School Governor) chose Phoenix Ivey and Hector Nottage as the ‘Most Valuable Debaters.’  

Seward won overall with a team that included Montague Easton, Joshua Douglas-Boisson, Calum Finch and Jonathon George.

Helena Cresswell, Librarian, said: “The debate is a great opportunity for the students to research a topic and demonstrate their debating skills. These debates were superb to watch with some fantastic performances and our Year 9 students continued the high standard set by other students earlier this academic year.”