Libbie Joyce (Y9) has been nominated for the European OCR Community Choice Award for her incredible successes on a global level including her involvement in the Spartan Games.

Libbie competes across the world in obstacle course racing. These gruelling competitions see lengthy runs combined with challenging barriers along the way; whether it be cargo nets, climbing walls, and more besides. More incredibly, Libbie competes as a 14 year old against adults and more than holds her own bringing international recognition and respect for her talent and tenacity.

Libbie can be voted for in two categories:

* Outstanding Achievement of the Year in Obstacle Racing
* Junior OCR Athlete Of the Year

You can vote for Libbie by accessing this link and clicking beside her name in these two categories:

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Libbie is part of our school’s Elite Performer’s Scheme where we work education around elite athletes and performers so that school dovetails with exceptional talent outside of our walls. We are thrilled that Libbie is getting this recognition – the nomination alone is only a reflection of her work and the fantastic support given to her by her family. We would urge everyone to vote for Libbie and to put one of our own on the world map for what is a rapidly growing sport.”