We are looking to run our Year 9 French Trip – which in normal times would go to Normandy – to  the YHA Edale Centre in the Peak District.

This opportunity seeks to provide them with increased confidence in the lead up to the start of their GCSE journey. It is a chance for the students to spend time together, enjoy the sort of activities that teens should get to do, and to do a bit of French along the way as well. Our current Year 11 went there in September – instead of Paris – and had a fantastic time.

The full details of the trip can be seen here.

Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, said: “This trip is a real kick-start to the GCSE years and we would encourage all students to consider going along. It is fun, will challenge comfort zones, and is the sort of opportunity that has been too thin on the ground in recent times. We are a school that places a high priority on students being happy and have out-of-the-ordinary experiences and this field trip is one such example where we put this ideal into practice.”