The Year 12 and 13 Sociologists and Psychologists were given the exciting opportunity to experience a real-life crime conference! The ‘Behind Bars – True Life Crime Conference’ gives students the opportunity to listen to a variety of real-life testimonies from reformed criminals whose past offences range from burglary to multi-million-pound fraud, to murder. The students then asked the speakers pertinent questions linking the theory they’ve learnt in the classroom to these real-life experiences. The students were also given the task of designing their ‘ideal’ criminal justice system whilst trying out some of the outfits currently on offer in British prisons! 

Gemma Jubb, Head of Sociology, said: ‘The conference is a fascinating event that really engages students’ interest and helps them to understand the importance of their A-Level studies in Sociology and Psychology outside of the classroom. So many of our students go on to study Law and Criminology at university and this conference certainly gives them an excellent foundation in these disciplines.’