The following school news update from our Headteacher went out on Friday 19 November:

Just a quick school news update, and whilst we haven’t quite escaped on COVID, at least not mentioning it in the title is at least a start.

This email will include:

* COVID Vaccinations
* Flu Vaccinations
* EduLink
* School Uniform
* ‘Chicago’
* Carol Concert

COVID Vaccinations

There was some good news when these were delivered on Wednesday 17 November as many children got their jabs and there were no COVID protestors at the front of school.

However, the processing problems remained and a number of students did not get their jab. Subsequently, the NHS team have told us they will not be coming back and so the remaining children should get their vaccine at one of the local drop-in centres.

If you wish to seek a vaccine elsewhere then a starting point is the NHS website at:

Flu Vaccinations

The flu vaccinations are due to take place on Tuesday 30 November and the parental consents from earlier in the term carry through. The scheduling process will be the same as it was for COVID and all details are held by the NHS team.

We are looking to see more people vaccined in a day than with COVID so let’s keep our fingers crossed that this runs smoothly.


A recent debate in one local house saw the husband say to the wife that the school had sent a message about Sixth Form Opening Evening. The wife said this was not true. The husband checked and confirmed it had been sent and would be waiting on EduLink. The wife complained saying this was more inconvenient as she would have to open the EduLink app and it was much easier if it appeared as a normal text. The husband replied that this may be true but the EduLink messages are pretty much free for the school, whilst the text messages cost the school much more money. The wife reluctantly agreed the husband was right – and my wife may even confirm this tale.

Our switch to EduLink is going to save the school over £2,500 this year and with the government’s last budget saying they will restore school funding levels to that given out in 2010 (after 11 years+ of inflation) – see – you’ll appreciate every penny counts for us.

We now have the vast majority of parents on the EduLink app but every text message we send out to a parent that does not have the app then reverts to an ordinary text message which costs the school money. This may mean less books, less rewards, the heating turned off a little earlier, or less Saturday Schools for exam classes.

The good news is that every time the school sends a message it comes up on the app with a number which tells you a message is waiting – just like it does for text messages or WhatsApp. This may be goods news, it may be bad news, but it is something we want to share with you and communication between us is very important for both sides. We’d be grateful if you’d keep an eye on it.

If you are using EduLink – despite any inconvenience – then we are very grateful as it means we can do more for your child. If you aren’t, and you have to receive texts at a cost, then every message hits our (and your child’s) educational provision.

We try and use and grow our money wisely – whether it be recycling the new bus shelter or chasing after Santa’s Sleigh around Lichfield with our fantastic PTFA and the Round Table – so if we can work together to get EduLink to 100% then we’ll all be making an important difference.

School Uniform

The government have been promising to act on the cost of school uniform for some time and it looks like there may be some movement:

For us, school uniform is an important standard, an important expectation, and there is no surprise that high standards there has a knock-on effect on high standards everywhere.

Even so, we appreciate that the cost can be tough for some families and we already offer a re-cycled uniform scheme which many parent already donate too.

Moving forward, we are not planning to drop key items like the blazer or skirt, but we will look to map out the costs and options on our website to support families in getting the best deal. We’ll also look at the PE kit before Easter.

The vast majority of parents are superb in supporting us to manage standards in the school by keeping their children in check with uniform, piercings, nails, etc, but for all those scratching our back, we see we need to scratch yours too.

You should see some extra information early in the Summer Term.


Our PTFA do an amazing job – pre-, during, and post-lockdown – and this term they have ran Oktoberfest, helped with COVID testing, and will be in the ‘Chicago’ bars at the school show.

Even so, in the nicest possible way, times are moving on, and this superb group’s children are getting into the older Year groups. Unfortunately, and COVID is no doubt the main reason, we are not getting much input from parents in Years 7-9

This year the PTFA will be fielding requests from us for an upgrade on the theatre – where every child has lessons or assemblies – and a garden area for recreation and the gardening club. They already have events planned for the year including a Quiz Night, a stand-up comedy show, the Summer Sizzler (music festival), and more besides.

If you would like to get involved with our PTFA please send an email to Lottie Hearn, Deputy Headteacher, via and she will ensure you are contacted by the PTFA team. You will make a valuable contribution, have fun and make friends.


Just a reminder that Friday 26 November is an INSET Day so no children are expected in school. It is Black Friday so it may be a good time to get those bargain revision guides, rulers and calculators that every child loves to open on Christmas Day.


Our whole-school show takes place on Thursday 2 December (evening), Friday 3 December (evening), and Saturday 4 December (matinee and evening). For a school with a reputation for excellent musicals, we are delighted to be up-and-running again and have a cast as enthusiastic as can be.

You can buy the remaining tickets online via the following news article:

We’d love to see you there.

Carol Concert

It’s as big a part of Christmas as chestnuts roasting on an open fire and our annual Christmas Carol Concert at Lichfield Cathedral takes place on Thursday 9 December between 7.00-8.00am.

It is free to enter – so Mums, Dads, grandparents and all are welcome – and there are choir / orchestral performances as well as the best barn-storming carols to launch into yourself.

It will definitely help to bring in the Xmas spirit and you would be very, very welcome to come along.

To Finalise

That’s it then for now and I’ll go home to explain why the opening paragraph of the EduLink section was a good idea.