This week, we have been talking to students about recognising and dealing with stress in a productive way to help motivate and build their resilience. During tutor time and assemblies, students have been given advice on what to do if they feel stressed and where they can go to get help. This includes staying connected to the people around them, staying healthy and active, taking time to relax and ensuring they get enough sleep so their young minds can thrive. 

The Year 13 Health and Social Care group have put together and distributed a flyer that supports students when dealing with some of the challenges they face growing up in today’s society. Coping with Stress Flyer

Students from different year groups have also taken part in a yoga and stressbusting workshop. This workshop has given them some useful techniques they can use when they are feeling stressed. 

Carrie Cain, Deputy Headteacher, said: ‘We feel this is such an important topic for young people today and we are delighted so many students have embraced the techniques shared with them this week.’