Congratulations to the Year 12 students who have taken part in our debating competition over the last few days. The topic being discussed, ‘It is time to move on from remembering the First World War,’ enabled students to put their knowledge into action, sharpen their critical reasoning skills and engage constructively with each other. 

The competition was attended by Gill Stockdale, Trustee from Greywood MST and Jane Mackenzie, Chair of Governors. The judges were impressed with the detailed research shown by students and they awarded Darwin the win with a team that included Imogen Fernihough, Emily Turner and Rosie Bentley.

Sarah Phillips, Head of Sixth Form, added: “The debate is a wonderful opportunity for the students to research a topic and demonstrate their debating skills. The Y12 students continued the high standard set by the Y13 students earlier this academic year. The students are a credit to the Sixth Form and to the school.”