Our Year 10 Netball offer has produced fantastic commitment from our girls who have managed to form 2 strong teams – meaning double the time and commitment for the PE staff – as we work hard to give all our students the activities they seek.

There have already been cup competitions where both teams committed and league games are to follow.

Hollie Wright, PE teacher and team coach, said: “We’ve had to dodge the rain to get on court but the commitment from the girls has been amazing. They are a group the school thinks a lot of and it has been fantastic to see them back out on court. They have been working well as a team, have been showing 100% effort, and most importantly having a smile on their faces.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “The COVID learning gaps are requiring our teachers to put in more work than ever, but we’re a school that is very conscious that life is not just about exams, but also about growing as a person and having fun. Personal progress comes in many shapes and forms and laughing with friends, competing together against others, and taking the wins with good grace and the defeats on the chin, are just as important as a passage from Shakespeare, an algebraic equation in Maths, or the past tense of ‘to go’ in French. Life is for living and tasting success can be achieved in lots of different ways.”