Our Year 7 had the opportunity to experience some history first hand, with a trip to Warwick Castle! As part of their studies into William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings, students were able to explore the castle and grounds, as well as enjoying some of the entertainment on offer.

Nearly two hundred students attended across the two days and they represented the school incredibly well. From exploring the battlements, speaking to the bowman, and watching the bird show, students had an enlightening experience, particularly after a year and a half of disruption.

The trip will also gave students inspiration ahead of their upcoming Home Learning Assignment for History, in which they will be designing their own castle. Students were asked to consider why the castle had been built on this particular site and what strategic advantages it had which is something that will be built on in the classroom.

Liam Rivers-Boyce, Head of History, said: “Students asked some fantastic questions, and worked well as a team, particularly when navigating the Horrible Histories maze. What is more, we were very lucky with the weather, as both days were mainly filled with bright sunshine! The students did the school proud on their first trip since joining The Friary School.”