Well done to all the students who took part in the debates over the last few days.

The topic, ‘The #MeToo Movement has run its course’, created some real passion amongst Year 13 and maintained focus on topicality and awareness of world issues that we seek to push at the school.

The external judges (Gill Stockdale, Trustee from Greywood MST) and Greg Sugden (School Governor) praised the independent research and debating skills shown by our students.

Gill Stockdale said: “I was very impressed with the confidence and conviction they showed and their ability to structure an argument.”

It was extremely tight between first and second place but Seward took the win with a team that included Henry Little, Tom Darlaston, Shuyeb Khan and Mia Cockerill. 

Shuyeb Khan and Ben Wykes were chosen as the ‘Most Valuable Debaters’, and a special mention was given to Erin Fry and Holly Baugh for their passion and contribution to her team. The winners will be awarded House points and certificates. 

1st Place: Seward with 57 points
2nd Place: Darwin with 56 points
3rd Place: Garrick with 31 points
4th Place: Johnson with 28 points

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We stage our House Debating Competition through all year groups as we believe it is an important life skill, a change to develop confidence, and an opportunity to explore contemporary issues which affect all of us. Having watched some of the debates there is clearly a lot of talent out there which bodes well for careers in law, politics and broadcasting”.