Our House system lends itself well to give students opportunities to take on leadership roles in schools – preparing them for the Senior Six duties in the Sixth Form and the world of work beyond.

Students have to apply for the roles and they are decided by a mix of elections and formal applications.

Johnson House have built the following team for 2021-2022:

House Captain – Abbie Pendlebury (11J2)

House Vice-Captain – Jack O’Neill (9J1)

Sports Captain (F) – Chloe Butler (10J1)

Sports Captain (M) – Joe O’Hara (10J2)

E-Safety Reps – Freya Milligan (8J2), Phoebe Jones (8J2), Stanley Puleo (8J2)

Eco-Council Reps – Levi Harrison (9J2), Olivia Thomas (10J1)

Charity Captain – Max Sidaway (11J2), Amelia Long (9J2)

Student Ambassadors – Molly Yates, (8J1), Matilda Glazebrook (8D1), Aoife Wakeham (8J1), Rose Piper (8J1), Harry Owen (8J2), Rose Walker (8J2), Izzy Lydell (9J1), Lizzie Oatley (9J2), Olivia Fox (10J1), Eve Neenan (10J1), Lilah Boxall (10J2), Freya Short (11J2), Jayden Harrigan (11J2)

Peer Mentors / Anti-Bullying Reps – Luca Ivey (8J1), Iris Culloff (8J1), Olivia Howard-Calder (8J2), Gracie Hilton (9J1), Iris Muntean (9J2), Amy Bridge (9J2), Abigail Pinches (1oJ1), Jessica Norton (10J1), Flo Darby (10J2), Evan Sutton (11J2), Jessica Horne (11J2)

Transition Mentors – Oliver Bridges (8J1), Lauren Thacker (8J1), Lucy Findlay (8J2), Oliver Gibbons (8J2)

House Council Form Reps – Ava Williams (8J1), Katie Sandal (8J2), Anna Phillips (9J1), Charlie Hobson (9J2), Maddie Bowyer (10J1), Annie Hadley (10J2), Leon Elliot (11J1), Hollie Clayton (11J2)

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We look to give our students active leadership roles so that they help to shape the work and direction of the school. A school is only as strong as the student body and these leadership roles help develop both the individuals involved but also the peers who witness their work and status as role models.”