We have been delighted to see after-school sports back on the agenda and big numbers have attended netball and rugby sessions this week.

The netball teams kicked off with huge numbers and as well as teachers, there were 8 Year 12 Sports Leader student on hand to co-ordinate drills and games. There are always fixtures arranged so when team selections comes around there will be challenges at other schools to come.

Elsewhere, the boys rugby session have been well attended – again with student leaders from the Year 11 Cambridge National course – acting as coaches and role models to the buzzing Year 7s.

Sam Foster, Head of Performance & Technologies, said: “We are a school which places a huge emphasis on extra-curricular activities and have a wide sporting offer. The COVID pandemic has seen a reduction in  sporting provision which  has been a difficult cross the carry but has made these packed sessions all the more exciting. We have seen a lot of talent, a lot of positivity, and there are some sporting stars who are going to make real waves over the next few years.”