The Garrick House Celebration Assembly for the Autumn Term saw multiple winners celebrated including: 


Academic Progress Awards:

 These awards are based on both results and progress so all students can take an award no matter what their ability: 

 Year 10 – Adam Adler, Oliver Atkin, Emily Beddow, Joanne Carr, Tom Elmore, Harry Mallender, Alica Piskova, Ellie Tucker 

 Year 9 – Amy Bridgen, Callum Devlin, Felix Emanuel, Jacob Fox-Bailey, Phoebe Hansen, Logan Ho, Daisy Holian, Rosie Murray 

 Year 8 – Elle Acheson, Josh Brown, Eliza Grotan, Dylan Jones, Alfie Plumridge, Holly Reeves, Ruby Thompson, Rory Wood 

 Year 7 – Phoenix Abbotts Mitchell, Addison Everiss, Georgia Griffiths, Tom Hirst, Sophie Rogers, Dan Sandles, Hayden O’Sullivan, Eloise Walker 


Top Effort Awards: 

 These awards are for those putting in all the effort and trying so hard to improve each and every day: 

 Year 10 – Adam Adler, Oliver Atkin, Holly Battison, Emily Beddow, Joanne Carr, Tom Elmore, Lily-Mai Emanuel, Vincent Lee, Harry Mallender, Lucy Manning, Alica Piskova, Matt Sandles, Ellie Tucker 

 Year 9 – Eisha Acheson, Felix Emanuel, Jacob Fox-Bailey, Olivia Hann, Jaden Hill, Logan Ho, Olivia Jones, Emma Mackenzie, Evie Pritchard, Millie Smith, William Whyte, Jack Yeomans 

 Year 8 – Elle Acheson, Isabelle Archer, Josh Brown, Lilly Derry, Eliza Gortane, Amelia Hurst, Dylan Jones, Libby Joyce, Hector Nottage, Liam Shepherd, Isla Taylor, Ella-Mai Turner, Madysen White, Rory Wood 

Year 7 – Anastasia Afanasieva, Sasha Chambers, Louie Cutler, Harry Elson, Addison Everiss, Mia Fradley, Poppy Hicks, Hayden O’Sullivan, Sophie Rogers, Dan Sandles, Sophie Smith, Simon Szewczuk, Cerys Thompson, Daisy Tickle, Berti Waldon, Eloise Walker, 


100% Attendance:

This award is for 100% attendance (taking away any COVID absences): 

Year 10 – Holly Battisson, Emily Beddow, Joanne Carr, Samuel Eggington, Thomas Elmore, Lily-Mai Emanuel, Kyle Gregory, Emily Jeffery, Abigail Jelfs, Vincent Lee, Harry Mallender, Erika Montford, Fen Nash, Coy Payne, Monty Phillips, Matt Sandles, Jake Wynn

Year 9 – Eisha Acheson, Joseph Garland, Olivia Hann, Logan Ho, Dan Holmes, Rosie Murray, Tommy Roberts, Billy Smith, Nathalia Taylor-Akinwande, Cameron Thain, Xander Webb, Ebony White, Jack Yeomans

Year 8 – Elle Acheson, Isabelle Archer, Joshua Brown, Charlie Cook, Isabelle Cotterill, Imogen Dodds, Sophie Doughty, Oliver Foley, Katie Harrison, Robert Hicken, Amelia Hurst, Dylan Jones, Libbie Joyce, George Marshall, Angel Payne, Emily Payne, Alfie Plumridge, Sophie Scarbrough, Elijah Smith, Ruby Thompson, Madysen White, Rory Wood

Year 7 – Phoenix Abbotts Mitchell, Harry Allen, Jack Bellamy, Layla Dee Mia Fradley, Yohanna Gee, Tegan James, Casey Jones, Lauren Lee, Sophie Rogers, Dan Sandles, Sophie Smith, Erin Swaffer, Cerys Thompson, Berti Waldon, Eloise Walker 



This award is for 0 Behaviour Points for the entire Summer Term – so no misplaced pen, or lost PE sock, no late, or any other minor slip-up-; 

Year 10 – Oliver Atkin, Noah Bailey, Holly Battisson, Emily Beddow, Joanne Carr, Daisy Carter, Samuel Eggington, Thomas Elmore, Lily-Mai Emanuel, Amelia Gomez, Abigail Jelfs, Vincent Lee, Lucy Manning, Alisha Mason, Job Ptolomey, Ethan Porter Alica Piskova, Matt Sandles, Helena Sixsmith,Ella Thompson, Emelia Wood, Jake Wynn 

Year 9 – Eisha Acheson, Amy Bridgen, Eaden Carew,Emily Clarkson, Cheyanne Detheridge, Isabel Doughty, Chloe Driscoll, Felix Emanuel, Jacob Fox-Bailey, Joseph Garland, Skye Gilbert, Olivia Hann, Phoebe Hansen, Ollie Hateley,Daisy Holian, Kris Horobin, Olivia Jones, Emma Mackenzie, Hattie Mills, Rosie Murray, Evie Preece, Evie Pritchard,Ellie Reynolds, Lola Rice, Tommy Roberts, Oliver Rogers, Emily Skermer, Billy Smith, Millie Smith, Zak Stone, Cameron Thain, Xander Webb, Ebony White, William Whyte, Jack Yeomans 

Year 8 – Elle Acheson, Isabelle Archer, Joshua Brown, Amy Cartwright, Charlie Cook, Isabelle Cotterill, Lilly Derry, Imogen Dodds, Sophie Doughty, Joshua Evans, Jacob Follows, Poppy Goldstone, Eliza Grotane, Olivia Holyoak, Amelia Hurst, Libby Jeffery, Dylan Jones, Libbie Joyce, James Killick, Katie Knight, Haydn Leverton, Oliver Mantle, George Marshall, Demi Martin, Hector Nottage, Angel Payne, Emily Payne, Alfie Plumridge, Holly Reeves, Macey Robertson, Sophie Scarbrough, Ava Smith, Isabel Stone, Isla Taylor, Callum Thomson, Ella-Mai Turner, Sean Whillis, Madysen White, Rory Wood 

Year 7 – Phoenix Abbotts Mitchell, Anastasiia Afanasieva, Harry Allen, Jack Bellamy, George Carter, Sasha Chambers, Spike Cummings, Louie Cutler, Layla Dee, Harry Elson, Addison Everiss, Mia Fradley, Yohanna Gee, Kailen Goalby, Georgia Griffiths, Lily Hewetson, Tom Hirst, Poppy Hicks, Tegan James, Henry Johnson, Casey Jones, Jemima Lawson, Lauren Lee, Mia Lewis, Mikayla Lines, Imogen Marchesi, Grace Matthews, Lily Ann Matthews, Charlie Morris, Scarlet O’Brien, Hayden O’Sullivan, Lexi Payne, Cydney Preece, Sophie Rogers, Helena Rosillo, Dan Sandles, Sophie Smith, Caleb Stead, Simon Szewczuk, Cerys Thompson, Daisy Tickle, Kaidan Trickett, Lexie Tucker, Berti Waldon, Eloise Walker, Sam Woollard-Fowler 


Most House Points:

This award was for the top four boys and girls in each Year group who had collected the most House points through the Summer Term:  

Year 10 – Holly Battison, Emily Beddow, Emma Brooke, Ellis Culvin, Daisy Cummings, James Goalby, Kyle Gregory, Vincent Lee 

Year 9 – Eisha Acheson, Emily Clarkson, Felix Emanuel, Joseph Garland. Olivia Hann, Rosie Murrie, Xander Webb, William Whyte 

Year 8 – Oliver Foley, Eliza Grotane, Katie Harrison, Libbie Joyce, Oliver Mantle, Alfie Plumridge, Ellie-Mai Turner, Rory Wood 

Year 7 – Harry Allen, Anasatasiia Afanasieva, Jack Bellamy, Mia Fradley, Poppy Hicks, Casey Jones, Sophie Rogers, Dan Sandles 


Tutor Awards:

Each tutor nominates a boy and a girl for the term for their contribution to form and house activities: 

10G1 – Alisha Mason, Tom Patstone                

10G2 – Emily Beddow, Monty Phillips                        

9G1 – Emily Clarkson, Billy Smith                     

9G2 – Jaden Hill, Rosie Murray             

8G1 – Imogen Dodds, George Marshall                    

8G2 – Josh Brown, Madysen White     

7G1 – Simon Szewczuk, Berti Waldon                      

7G2 – Poppy Hicks, Dan Sandles              



House Half-Colours for excellence in school (behaviour, attendance & achievement relative to ability) over an extended period of time; and also EITHER contribution to the school, House or community OR commitment to excellence outside of school: 

Holly Battison (Y10) 

Harry Mallender (Y10) 

Erika Montford (Y10) 

Job Ptolomey (Y10) 

Emelia Wood (Y10) 


Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “It is great to read this list of award winners when you know the individuals and personal stories behind the winners as you know how well-deserved the recognition is. The awards reflect on the hard work of the students and the encouragement of their families so well done to every household that gets an award in Garrick House.”