The Darwin House Celebration Assembly for the Autumn Term saw multiple winners celebrated including: 


Academic Progress Awards: 

These awards are based on both results and progress so all students can take an award no matter what their ability: 

Year 10 – Isobel Allman, Isabel Ainsworth, Grace Arrowsmith, Isaac Brodie, Jake Meakin, Mary Hughes, Kieron Pontin, Archie Williamson

Year 9 – Harriet Dadds, Ben Fairchild, Kristers Leoskis, Lauren Mace, Meg Mathias, Daniel Selvey, Felicity Stephenson, Samuel Wright 

Year 8 – Sophie Bryant, Izzy Gould, Timothy Huskisson, Jessica Jones, Joe Murphy, Jayden Pilbeam, Abbie Sugden, Adam Turley 

Year 7 – Jake Bratton, Ewan Brodie, Izzy Bucknall, Hannah Crosby, Cassidy Jackson, Archie Kennedy, Alfie Martin, Teah Swann 


Top Effort Awards:

 These awards are for those putting in all the effort and trying so hard to improve each and every day: 

Year 10 – Isabel Ainsworth, Grace Arrowsmith, Isaac Brodie, Holly Cutland, Maxwell Grace, Lily Kennedy, Jake Meakin, Tommy Murphy, Kieron Pontin, Emily Shelley 

Year 9 – Niall Broderick, Abigail Butler, Harriet Dadds, Alex Hill, Kristers Leoskis, Lauren Mace, Meg Mathias, Amelia Minihane, Matthew Taylor, Samuel Wright 

Year 8 – Izzy Gould, Timothy Huskisson, Abby Johnson, Jessica Jones, Cerys Lewis, Isaac Minihane, Abbie Sugden, Joe Swann, Akito Tokiwa-Smith, Adam Turley 

Year 7 – Benji Birch, Ewan Brodie, Henry Bytheway, Starlla Carr, Hannah Crosby, Lucie Hollis, Cassidy Jackson, Archie Kennedy, Alex Tharm, Isabelle Webb 


100% Attendance: 

This award is for 100% attendance (taking away any COVID absences): 

Year 10 – Isabel Ainsworth, Isobel Allman, Isaac Brodie, Maxwell Grace, Mary Hughes, Jennifer Huskisson, Beth Kingston, Olivia Marland 

Year 9 – Owen Adams, Will Barnes, Niall Broderick. Abbie Brown, Charlotte Chatfield, Evie Crowson, Harriet Dadds, Abigail Eagland, Ben Fairchild, Tom Fairchild, Grace Fletcher, Amber Hoey, Lauren Mace, Jack Martin

Year 8 – Oliver Arrowsmith, Cameron Ashmore, Daniel Bland, Lewis Dickinson, Ollie Heaton, Timothy Huskisson, Rose Isaacson, Cerys Lewis, Laura Longdon, Ed Marland, Phoebe Marsh 

Year 7 – Jake Bratton, Ewan Brodie, Abi-Mae Bryant, Izzy Bucknall, Starlla Carr, Archie Clarke, Brooke Grove, Abbie Hayward, Archie Kennedy, Ollie Langham, Tara Larsen, Beatrice Martin 



This award is for 0 Behaviour Points for the entire Summer Term – so no misplaced pen, or lost PE sock, no late, or any other minor slip-up

Year 10 – Isabel Ainsworth, Grace Arrowsmith, Fred Bogaras, Isaac Brodie, Holly Cutland, Maxwell Grace, Harriet Hill-Breese, Alex Hornsby, Mary Hughes, Jennifer Huskisson, Milly-Mae John, Courtney Joyce, Lily Kennedy, Maisie Lowe, Eve Marquise, Jake Meakin, Aylah Milligan, Harry Parton, Will Pearce, Kieron Pontin, Aisha Ratnasabapathy, Amy Roberts, Oscar Rowe, Alexandra Rumbold, Emily Shelley, Amy Twinney, Minhaz Uddin, Archie Williamson 

Year 9 – Will Barnes, Niall Broderick, Abigail Butler, Harriet Dadds, Phoebe Donkin, Abigail Eagland, Amber Hoey, Millie Ingham, Lauren Mace, Jack Martin, Meg Mathias, Bethany Metcalfe, Amelia Minihane, Sydney Minton, Ava Niven, James Parton, Mia Riley, Evie Roberts, Felicity Stephenson, Ruby Street, Matthew Taylor, Samuel Wright 

Year 8 – Oliver Arrowsmith, Freya Bobel, Eve Camacho, Lewis Dickinson, Izzy Gould, Lyla Hazell, Ollie Heaton, Rose Isaacson, Abby Johnson, Emmy Johnson, Jessica Jones, Cerys Lewis, Laura Longdon, Phoebe Marsh, Isaac Minihane, Joe Murphy, Jayden Pilbeam, Campbell Rowe, Tyler Rust-Andrews, Oscar Singpradang, Reese Smith, Madison Tharm, Luke Tipper, Akito Tokiwa-Smith, Adam Turley, Abigail Wilkins, Bethany Yates 

Year 7 – Benji Birch, Hanna Bogaras, Chloe Bramwell, Jake Bratton, Ewan Brodie, Henry Bytheway, Starlla Carr, Hannah Crosby, Edward Crowther, Morgan Evans, Brooke Grove, Millie Haire, Jack Harrison, Abbie Hayward, Lucie Hollis, Cassidy Jackson, Charlie James, Archie Kennedy, Alfie Martin, Beatrice Martin, Anne Pengelly, Tyler Pilsbury, Phoebe Shelley, Emily Sones, Alex Tharm, Millie Thomas, Tomasz Townsend, Abbie Waplington, Isabelle Webb, Nicola Wieckowska, Daniel Woodyatt 


Most House Points: 

This award was for the top four boys and girls in each Year group who had collected the most House points through the Summer Term:  

Year 10 – Isabel Ainsworth, Fred Bogaras, Isaac Brodie, Amy Goring, Alex Hornsby, Courtney Joyce, Eve Marquise, Ellis McComisky, Jake Meakin, Archie Williamson 

Year 9 – Will Barnes, Niall Broderick, Abigail Butler, Harriet Dadds, Tom Fairchild, Sydney Minton, Ruby Street, Matthew Taylor, Isla Wade,Samuel Wright 

Year 8 – Zara Allman, Oliver Arrowsmith, Izzy Gould, Lyla Hazell, Timothy Huskisson, Jessica Jones, Cerys Lewis, Joe Murphy, Jayden Pilbeam, Joe Swann 

Year 7 – Benji Birch, Ewan Brodie, Henry Bytheway, Abbie Haywood, Cassidy Jackson, Archie Kennedy, Beatrice Martin, Phoebe Shelley, Noah Wade, Isabelle Webb 


Tutor Awards: 

Each tutor nominates a boy and a girl for the term for their contribution to form and house activities:

10D1                  Ruby Leadbeater, Tommy Murphy     

10D2                  Amy Goring, Declan McDonagh-Smith 

9D1                    Cory John Bradford, Mia Riley 

9D2                    Sydney Minton, Joseph Swindells     

8D1                    Jessica Jones, Oscar Singpradang  

8D2                    Laura Longdon, Jayden Pilbeam   

7D1                    Starlla Carr, Archie Kennedy     

7D2              Tara Larsen Daniel Wilson 




House Half-Colours for excellence in school (behaviour, attendance & achievement relative to ability) over an extended period of time; and also EITHER contribution to the school, House or community OR commitment to excellence outside of school: 

Eve Marquise (Y10) 

Will Pearce (Y10)  

Emily Shelley (Y10) 

Minhaz Uddin (Y10)  


Ian Rose, Deputy Headteacher, said: “There are lots of families who can be very proud in what their child is achieving at school because whether it is effort, attendance, positivity, leadership, or achievement, all of these qualities hold every individual in good stead for their future studies, livelihood and long-term happiness. We are delighted to see so much success in Darwin House.”