As the academic year draws to a close we have been celebrating Year 8’s achievements in relation to completing their Character Award. 

Year 8 have been the first ever Friary pupils to work towards the Character Award which was developed to help celebrate not only academic achievement but also achievement linked to personal development. Pupils have attempted to complete six achievements that are closely linked to skills championed through The Friary Ethic – Friendship, Resilience, Independence, Aspiration, Responsibility and You. 

Despite the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic, lockdowns, home school, bubbles and reduced activities in school, pupils have certainly risen to the challenge. In fact, the pandemic has meant that our pupils have needed to be more creative in finding ways to develop themselves personally. For some pupils it has been a necessity in order to manage the complexities of a new way of living. 

There was a vast array of evidence provided and it was fascinating to read about all the different ways pupils have met each of the Friary Ethics.  They have been gardening, cooking, debating, doing Couch to 5K runs, litter picking, learning new skills, joining clubs, managing their money, finding out about careers, helping others, improving grades as well as tidying their rooms a little more often (in some cases). 

We celebrated pupil achievements in a special assembly this week and awarded them with certificates for their efforts. We awarded 81 Bronze awards, 47 Silver and 50 Gold. At the Autumn prize-giving service we will also be awarding some Outstanding Achievement and Special Recognition awards for one or two individuals. 

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher, said: “I have looked through every single evidence folder for this years’ Character Award and have been delighted to see the range of skills and evidence pupils have put together. It was heart-warming to read some of the comments and support from parents and relatives as well as the pupils’ own reflections on their learning. I am pleased to see that the Character Award enables us to celebrate achievement beyond academic ability and is helping to teach pupils the value of our own personal skills and talents.”