Each week we stage a current affairs quiz which covers topical news questions as well as specific questions related to the respective Focus Week.

The competition is co-ordinated by Helena Creswell, our School Librarian, and as well as setting the quizzes, she collates the points and keeps track of where each House stands.

The totals are updated through the school year and this year the overall winner is Seward House:

1st Place: Seward with 5938
2nd Place: Johnson with 5915
3rd Place: Garrick with 5912
4th Place: Darwin with 5352


Elsewhere, the top scoring tutor groups were: Year 7 – 7D2, Year 8 – 8J2, Year 9 – 9J1, Year 10 – 10J2, Year 11 – 11S1 and Sixth Form – C6G1

Mark Drury, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The competition keeps our students abreast of the world around them and allows us to test and explore their knowledge around the key themes in our pastoral programme so the end result is only a small part of the overall objective. Even so, congratulations to Seward House for holding on amidst such narrow margins.”