Following the success of our cricket match with Nether Stowe, we were delighted to work with them again to run our Year 7 Rounders team which represented the Year 7 girls first chance of the year to get involved in representing our school on the sporting field.

We had a team of 19 girls who make up two teams and the end result saw a victory and a draw for the teams and a re-march before the end of term is already on the cards.

There were ‘rounder’s’ scored by multiple girls, including Hannah Grimshaw, Isobel Mcintosh, Hannah Norton and Cerys Thompson. Elsewhere, Holly Marsh bowled superbly and Poppy Parker-Grant was awesome on second base.

Trudy Simkiss, PE Teacher and Team Coach, said: “The girls were a credit to the school with their respect and sportsmanship.