The NSPCC and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), in partnership with the age verification platform Yogi, have developed the Report Remove tool to support young people to remove sexual images of themselves online.

Report Remove can support a young person in reporting sexual images or videos shared online and helps the young person to get the image taken down if it is illegal. The NSPCC’s Child line service ensures that the young person is safeguarded through the process.

Steve Neale, Deputy Safeguarding Lead, said: “This is a huge announcement as previously young people were powerless to act in this way. It would be very useful for every parent to flag up this option to their child so that if the worst happens then they can act swiftly and with confidence.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added; “As a school we have the highest level of 360 Accreditation for our e-safety provision, but it would be naïve to imagine this will never happen to any of our students. Naturally,  any families which require support in dealing with this issue can contact the school for help.”

You can access Report Remove  here.

You can learn more about this facility here.