The term dates for 2021-2022 have been confirmed and are laid out as follows:

 Autumn Term 2021
1st Autumn Half-Term: Thursday 2 September – Friday 22 October
Half-Term: Monday 25 October – Friday 29 October
2nd Autumn Half-Term: Monday 1 November – Friday 17 December
Xmas Holiday: Monday 20 December – Friday 31 December
Spring Term 2022
1st Spring Half-Term: Wednesday 5 January – Friday 18 February
Half-Term: Monday 21 February – Friday 25 February
2nd Spring Half-Term: Monday 28 February – Friday 8 April
Easter Holiday: Monday 11 April – Friday 22 April

Summer Term 2022
1st Summer Half-Term: Monday 25 April – Friday 27 May
Half-Term: Monday 30 May – Monday 6 June
2nd Summer Half-Term: Tuesday 7 June – Wednesday 20 July
Summer Holiday: Thursday 21 July – Friday 2 September

Wednesday 1 September
Thursday 2 September
Friday 26 November
Tuesday 4 January
Monday 6 July

Key things to look out for include:

Thursday 2 September sees only Year 7s come in for the afternoon. All other students return for a normal day on Friday 3 September.

The Summer Term ends a day earlier than originally scheduled to allow for the Queen’s Jubilee:

The INSET Days are listed separately but are factored into the overall dates for the terms.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We are keeping everything crossed for a normal year where every single one of these school days counts with all children fully in school. The schedule for the school events will be published on  our Calendar page shortly.”