This week, the Year 12 Geography and Biology groups enjoyed a visit from ex-Friary student Holly Eggington.

Since leaving The Friary, Holly has achieved a first class honours degree in Medical Sciences at the University of Oxford. She is now a Cancer Science DPhil student, a medical student and a tutor in Medical Genetics at St. Anne’s college, Oxford. A DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy) is the Oxford equivalent of a PhD. To achieve this prestigious qualification, Holly is carrying out advanced research within her field of expertise.

Holly gave a talk about her ground-breaking research into stem cells and different cell compartment intersections in the treatment of colorectal cancer. She explained how the prevalence of colorectal cancer links to lifestyle and environmental factors. She also gave us a unique insight into the funding of new medical research. Holly’s work and the information that she shared ties in with both the Geography and Biology A-Level exam specifications.

Helen Young, Geography teacher, said: “We were really excited to welcome Holly back in to the school. She delivered an excellent session, which the Year 12 geographers and biologists found both fascinating and inspirational. The work that Holly is now doing is at the forefront of research into cancer treatments in the UK. We’re proud of what she’s achieved and we’re very grateful that she came in to share her work with us.”