Darwin won the House Independent Learning Challenge Quiz courtesy of 7D2, narrowly squeezing out Seward. The winning quiz team consisted of Noah Wade and Tara Larsen, who earned their tutor group 50 House Points.

7S2 took second place, with Johnson and Garrick tied for third position.

KS3 tutor groups entered the competition, which saw students using their independent research skills to study dementia. This was to coincide with ‘Dementia Awareness’ Focus Week.

Students had two weeks to research and prepare. Year 7 were chosen at random as the nominated year group. S2, D2, J2 and G2 were then pulled out of a hat to represent each house in the quiz.

The winning team scored SIX correct answers. Could you have done better? Try out the questions below – answers at the bottom!


  1. Dementia affects what organ in a person’s body?
  2. What ‘A’ is the most common form of dementia?
  3. How many people are believed to be suffering from dementia in the UK: 80,000; 800,000 or 8 million?
  4. If a child is a young carer, what does this mean: A) they help care for someone in their family, B) they work for charity, or C) they started training as a nurse at a young age?
  5. Which is not good advice for preventing dementia – keeping healthy, retiring early, or having a healthy diet?
  6. True or False: Alzheimer’s Disease is caused by too little protein in the brain.
  7. True or False: The Frontal Lobe is the part of the brain which controls behaviour and personality.
  8. True or False: The Temporal Lobe is the part of the brain which collects information from all the senses.

Tiebreaker: Dr. Alois Alzheimer first reported a case of the disease named after him in which year?


ANSWERS: 1) Brain, 2) Alzheimer’s Disease, 3) 800,000, 4) A, 5) Retiring early, 6) FALSE, 7) TRUE, 8) FALSE it is where memories are stored, Tiebreaker: 1906

Mark Drury, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We are always keen to develop independence in our students and this research project for a House Competition is a great way to mobilise some healthy competition. Well done to Darwin House for reigning supreme.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We believe this is an important Focus Week as it is an issue that more and more of our students will face within their families, and even themselves as they age. We are all aware of the debilitating impact of dementia and Alzheimer’s so knowing and understanding the score is a crucial piece of learning for life.”