Despite the turbulent time our Year 12s have experienced over the last year, one constant that has remained a clear focus within school has been planning for their future destinations beyond life in the Sixth Form.

On Thursday 20 May, Year 12 participated in a workshop morning which explored the UCAS application process and the many opportunities afforded to them through higher education, training or employment; it was a great success!

Students visited three separate workshops on rotation, which comprised of:

1. Walking-Talking UCAS Application Process

2. Unifrog & Student Finance Research

3. Personal Statement & CV Writing.


With some students understandably yet to decide upon which path they wish to take, this workshop proved to be invaluable in helping inform them about the different ways to access higher education and what the process of application involves.

Sarah Cresswell, Head of Sixth Form, said: “We were incredibly impressed by the focus, enthusiasm and initiative shown by Year 12 today. They asked some pertinent questions about the UCAS process and engaged fantastically with all of the interactive resources presented to them. We want our Year 12s to feel confident about using the UCAS platform so that they can make informed decisions about what will best suit them and their own aspirations for the future.”

Elsewhere, part of the workshop involved representatives from De Montfort University, who explained to students how to write an effective personal statement and CV to support their future applications. It is this personal statement and CV writing that students will be supported with drafting throughout the remainder of this summer term.

All workshop sessions were followed up with physical and electronic resources that students are now able to take away and use as they embark upon the journey of researching further.

Current Year 12 student and new Head Girl, Charlie-Lou Bannister said: “Whilst before I felt daunted by the process, after today’s workshop I feel really prepared and reassured. I learnt so much about UCAS, like how to create a login, how to make use of the website’s tools and when I need to complete different stages of the application process. I’m not daunted anymore – I’m excited!”

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, added: “Following on from the workshop, we are hoping to hold a UCAS evening for parents later in the term and will keep you updated about this. Whilst there will be ample opportunity to go back over things, ask questions and seek advice, we encourage all Year 12 students and parents to begin looking into their future options now, in readiness for the final year of school life that lies ahead.”