Our recent Year 12 Parents Evening included an online survey which we are pleased to say brought overwhelmingly positive feedback in what has been a challenging time for us all.

The survey was completed by over 60 families and 100% of parents said their child made good progress, was safe and was taught well.

Elsewhere, there was another 100% for how easy Teams was to use as a means of conducting the Parents Evening and the overall message on the virtual version was very positive. This will be followed up by a parental survey next term which will determine whether we go all out for this version in the future.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We are certainly not a school which thinks we get everything right so we are delighted with the positive feedback. Naturally, a couple of issues came up in the feedback and all parents who raise a concern are contacted to iron out any difficulties or to check if there is anything we can help with. Our success relies on parents supporting us so we are always ready to engage in dialogue to try and find a way forward.”