The Seward House Celebration Assembly for Spring 2021 had lots to celebrate and a long list of students received awards for their dedication to school life.

The most prestigious award was the House Full Colours and these were granted to Lydia Bedlow (Y11), Liam Davies (Y11), Roxy Jones (Y11), Josh Lopes (Y11) and Holly Clements (Y11).

Meanwhile, House Half-Colours were awarded to Olivia Sansom (Y10), Finlay Barton (Y11), Holly Wilson (Y11), Jacob Wright (Y11) and Sam Amy Hirst (Y11).

The full list of award winners is:

Academic Progress Awards:

These awards are based on both attainment and progress:

Year 11 – Jacob Wright, Josh Lopes, Finlay Barton, Liam Davies, Isobel Swinnerton, Caitlyn Wright, Amy Hirst, Lydia Bedlow

Year 10 – Jack Jarman, Thomas Purkis, Jacob Housley, Oscar Brooks, Eleanor Easton, Chloe Allen, Philippa Meredith, Gabi Davies Friend

Year 9 – Finbar Birchall, Sam Wilson, Che Edwards, Henry Cornwell, Alice Thackaberry, Rowan Wilson, Poppy Grimshaw, Erin Gibson

Year 8 – Matt Allen, Harry Battams, Gareth Hunt, Callum Doyle, Molly Stainforth, Maisie Gear, Eryn Moore, Niamh Moore

Year 7 – Red Dwyer, Alex Meredith, Alex Denton-Lavictoire, Archie Stothart, Emma Derrick, Jess Hewkin, Isobel Brazendale, Rose Maddox

Effort Awards:

These awards are based on students who have shown great effort in and out of school this term:

Year 11 – Josh Lopes, Liam Davies, Bailey Wingfield, Brendan Acton, Finlay Barton, Isobel Swinnerton, Holly Wilson, Roxy Jones, Martha Carless Johnson, Amy Hirst

Year 10 – Thomas Larkin, Albert Malone, Thomas Purkis, Jacob Housley, Heidi Leeson, Philippa Meredith, Lucy Richardson, Eleanor Easton, Ffion Wynne

Year 9 – Oscar Cooper, Jai Haw, Finbar Birchall, Max Hewkin, Samuel Wilson, Ellie Billingham, Rowan Wilson, Walters Madeleine, Lancaster Ellie, Coop Millie

Year 8 – Matthew Allen, Montague Easton, Evan Wynne, Ethan Couchman, Reece Pike, Madison Chilton, Jessica Greaves, Molly Stainforth, Gabriella Cole-Pearce, Abigail Ilonzeh

Year 7 – Tommy Baines, Oliver Ratchford-Smith, Charlie Parks, Lucas Townsend, Alex Meredith, Emma Derrick, Ebony Chew, Tamzin Liston-Head, Madison Vigus, Emily Heeley

Behaviour Awards:

These awards are based on students who have shown exemplary behaviour in and out of school this term:

Year 11 – Matthew Abbots, Brendan Acton, Finlay Barton, Reece Hawkins, Cygnus Mynett, Daniel Parkin, Lucas Wilshaw, Bailey Wingfield, Jacob Wright, Liam Davies, Lewin De-Paola, Jack Le Friec, Josh Lopes, Ben McAtamney, Stonnall Phelps, Corey Sharp, Thomas Sutton, Lydia Bedlow, Rachel Carson, Millie Faulkner, Amy Hirst, Molly Hopkins, Roxy Jones, Olivia Sansom, Isobel Swinnerton, Holly Wilson, Caitlyn Wright, Giselle Balderstone, Martha Carless-Johnson, Morgan Carter, Holly Clements, Millie Curran-Manning, Hope Kendall, Ellie King, Alba McClure, Sydney Tearle, Millie Vaughan

Year 10 – Max Baines, Lewis Blackford, Oscar Brooks, Ben Hewkin, Jacob Housley, Jack Jarman, Ewan Tennant, Luke Carden, Kalun Goodyer, Alfie James, Thomas Larkin, Albert Malone, Thomas Purkis, Oliver Walker, Chloe Allen, Millie Cope, Elli Delaney, Yasmine Fleming-Smith, Lulu Jarvis, Amelia Lane, Heidi Leeson, Becca Proud, Evie Raybould, Isabella Russell, Lily Taylor-Corrick, Lucy Vanes, Elysia Armstrong, Sophie Bannister, Gabi Davies-Friend, Eleanor Easton, Bonnie-Lea Flynn, Mear Haynes, Elena Hill, Philippa Meredith, Madison Nash, Lucy Richardson, Isabelle Snape, Maisy Tovey-Nesbitt, Katie Wykes, Ffion Wynne, Eleanor Young

Year 9 – Henry Cornwell, Samuel Crocker, Jack Dobson, Harvey Hewkin, Doug Jones, Luca Lombardi, Samuel Wilson, Finbar Birchall, Oscar Cooper, Che Edwards, Jai Haw, Joshua Hopkins, Troy Russell, Amber Ballinger, Ellie Billingham, Millie Coop, Aimee-Marie Cooper, Lily Griffin, Caitlin Hems, Ellie Lancaster, Libby Rogers, Tia Walker, Madeleine Walters, Feebie Arnold, Scarlett Astwood, Robyn Bailey, Chanelize Bradshaw, Evie Coleman, Erin Gibson, Poppy Grimshaw, Leah Horne, Emily Rice, Amelia Stothart, Alice Thackaberry, Jazmine Tilling, Rowan Wilson

Year 8 – Matthew Allen, Elliott Ball, Nathon Brickliffe, Tyler Buet, Harry Compton, Joshua Douglas-Boisson, Montague Easton, Henry Malone, Ciaran Milner, Evan Wynne, Harry Battams, Ethan Couchman, Max Faulkner, Calum Finch, Gareth Hunt, Reece Pike, Leo Riley, Joseph Ward, Scott White, Rhys Wynne, Annaleese Biddle, Madison Chilton, Gabriella Cole-Pearce, Casey Gibbs, Morgan Horne, Charlotte Jones, Chloe McAtamney, Eryn Moore, Molly Stainforth, Polly Whitworth, Ruby Willetts, Lexi Wilson, Lily Allen, Kaiya Brooks, Grace Burton, Hollie Cockbill, Maisie Gear, Jessica Greaves, Tegan Hathaway, Abigail Ilonzeh, Niamh Moore, Chloe Mulligan, Katie Richardson, Leila Thomson, Ella-Rose Walters, Kate Young

Year 7 – William Barry, Red Dwyer, Nathaniel Fellows, George Jarman, Alex Meredith, Charlie Parks, Aleks Townsend, Jonah Birchall, Jake Bownass, Isabelle Cooper, Michael Cox, Alexander Denton-Lavictoire, Patryk Malborski, Oliver Ratchford-Smith, Lucas Townsend, Ashton Tuckley, Amelia Atkinson, Isobel Brazendale, Ebony Chew, Emma Derrick, Hannah Grimshaw, Leigha Lancaster, Tamzin Liston-Head, Rose-Louise Maddox, Holly Marsh, Isabel McIntosh, Rebecca Morris, Caragh Murphy, Grace Wellington, Cerys Williams, Amber Athwal, Ruby De La Rue, Georgie Hawkins, Emily Heeley, Jess Hewkin, Eva Hughes, Holly Larkin, Phoebe Paddock, Mia Simcox, Madison Vigus, Ellie Walker, Miah Walsh, Robyn Walters

Most House Points:

These awards are based on students who achieved the highest number of House points in their Year / House group this term:

Year 11 – Brendan Acton, Ben McAtamney, Daniel Parkin, Bailey Wingfield, Morgan Carter, Georgina O’Donnell, Sydney Tearle, Holly Wilson

Year 10 – Thomas Larkin, Albert Malone, Oscar Brooks, Dylan De Vere, Yasmine Fleming-Smith, Lucy Richardson, Lily Taylor-Corrick, Lulu Jarvis

Year 9 – Joel Abbots, Jack Dobson, Samuel Wilson, Rowan Tennant, Ellie Billingham, Ellie Lancaster, Poppy Grimshaw, Madeleine Walters

Year 8 – Matthew Allen, Max Faulkner, Reece Pike, Jonathon George, Molly Stainforth, Kate Young, Kaiya Brooks, Chloe Mulligan

Year 7 – Alex Meredith, Tommy Baines, Patryk Malborski, Charlie Parks, Emma Derrick, Holly Larkin, Jess Hewkin, Amber Athwal

Tutor Awards:

Year 11 – Reece Hawkins, Ben McAtamney, Millie Faulkner, Morgan Carter

Year 10 – Albert Malone, Oscar Brooks, Philippa Meredith, Amelia Lane

Year 9 – Ellie Lancaster, Jai Haw, Sam Wilson, Jasmine Tilling

Year 8 – Evan Wynne, Calum Finch, Molly Stainforth, Ella Walters

Year 7 – Grace Wellington, Jake Bownass, William Barry, Amber Athwal

Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Seward House have always competed at the top end of the House Competition leaderboards and the younger years are clearly showing they have the mettle to take over the mantle of the success stories that are reaching the end of their time with the school. There are rightly a great many parents who are going to be hugely proud to see their child’s names celebrate don these House award lists and there is one more chance to gain acclaim in the final 2020-2021 Celebration Assembly at the end of the Summer Term.”